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Traer was library-minded early in its history. The idea of a free public library was first proposed at a community meeting in 1906 and this sincere interest culminated in the erection of the present building 10 years later.


A library association, formed in 1880, bought and maintained a collection of books housed in the basement of the Congregational Church—membership was $1.00. 


In 1913, a public library was established in the old Kroeger Hotel building. With funds from the US steel industrialist, Andrew Carnegie, the present library was erected and dedicated in 1916.


Many books have been donated to the library throughout the years, and countless memorial donations have helped to increase the number of volumes. A renovation and addition to the library were completed in 2004 to make the library accessible and add meeting and conference rooms to better serve the community. 

Traer Public Library

531 2nd Street, Traer, IA  50675



Monday 1pm—7pm

Tuesday 1pm—5pm

Wednesday 10am—5pm

Thursday 10am—7pm

Friday 1pm—5pm

Saturday 10am—12pm


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