As part of Traer’s upcoming 150th year, the Sesquicentennial Committee, the Taylor Park Landscaping & Beautification Committee, and the City of Traer are focusing on a long-term landscaping and beautification initiative in Taylor Park - we’re calling it ‘POLISH UP TAYLOR PARK’. Our project goals are to see Taylor Park blossom as a vibrant centerpiece of Traer once again. Our plan, in phases, is for a long-term overall landscape design including trees, shrubs, flowers, plants, hardscape, and other landscaping features, as well as maintenance of the Gazebo/Bandstand and Entrance Archway/Monument.


Taylor Park is a central feature of Traer. Since the derecho and other wind events, many areas including the trees, shrubbery, flowers, plants, and hardscape features have fallen into disrepair. Take a walk through the park and you’ll get the picture. With our new shelter house and swimming pool attractions, it’s a great time to bring these other park areas up to par. Taylor Park can and should be a showcase of our town.


Here are our objectives:

    • Consult with Iowa State University’s Community Design Lab group to assess park grounds and areas in need of renovation

    • Develop a long-term plan for several phases of landscaping and beautification including tree/shrub/plant selections, hardscaping, cost estimates, maintenance considerations, etc

    • Stir enthusiasm in the community for folks that are interested in helping out with planning, planting, and maintenance responsibilities in the future

    • Work with the City of Traer to finance the project in phases

    • Seek grant funding and local fundraising to support Polish Up Taylor Park in the future

    • Initial planting of some flowers/bulbs/shrubs to be in bloom for the 2023 Sesquicentennial celebration

    • Plan a ‘Plant The Park Day’ for the initial planting of Phase 1 plants/flowers, a chance to inform the community of the long-term landscape plans for the park, and to glean volunteers who will help maintain the landscaped areas

    • Partner with our local Master Gardeners and residents with green thumbs

    • Involve school kids to educate and involve them in giving back to the community


Although a complete project scope assessment and cost proposal has not yet been performed for Taylor Park, the committee is getting a jump start for summer/fall 2022 in preparation for initial park beautification and improvements for Traer’s Sesquicentennial celebration in 2023. 


All residents and visitors, young and old, benefit from a green space they are proud to stroll in, play in, picnic in, and hold events in. Green spaces increase the quality of life for a community and the value and pride we have in our land.


The Sesquicentennial Committee and the Taylor Park Landscaping & Beautification Committee see this as the beginning of a legacy community project to keep Taylor Park in peak condition as an investment for future generations.




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