Make your list and shop in Traer! 

                     X    Yankee Candles

                     X    Movie Poster

                     X    Newspaper Subscription

AUCTIONS     Find antiques and other treasures 

Boldt Auction
    606 3rd Street
    Traer IA 50675


Whannel's Hardware
    508 2nd Street
    Traer, IA  50675

CLOTHING - RETAIL     N. Tama "Redhawk" shirts, a new tie for Dad 

Reuman's Clothing
    536 2nd Street
    Traer, IA  50675

GIFTS/YANKEE CANDLES     Boxed candy for your sweetie

Nu-Cara Pharmacy
    500 2nd Street
    Traer, IA  50675    

FLORIST/FLOWERS - LIVE        Garden statuary, fresh floral arrangements

Simply Blooming
    518 2nd Street
    Traer, IA  50675


FURNITURE     A new Lamp, a recliner for mom, home decor items

Staker Furniture and Interiors
    419 2nd Street
    Traer, IA  50675

GLASS - STAINED, LEADED     Jewelry, glass bowls, colored windows

Dreamland Stained Glass Productions
    528 2nd Street
    Traer, IA  50675


Hometown Foods - Traer 
    420 2nd Street
    Traer, IA  50675

HARDWARE STORE     Little red wagons, cellphones, John Deere tractors

Whannel's Hardware
    508 2nd Street
    Traer, IA  50675

HOT AIR BALLOONING     It's on your "bucket list"

AAE, Inc.
    406 S. Main Street
    Traer, IA  50675

KART RACING     Karts are fun for the whole family

Waller Racing
    1094 P Avenue
    Traer, IA  50675

LAWN MOWERS     Riding's much better than pushing!

Steffany Mowers and Small Engine Repair
    914 Hwy 63 South
    Traer, IA  50675

LIBRARY     Check out the "book sale room" on the lower level

Traer Public Library
    531 2nd Street
    Traer, IA  50675

MUSEUMS     You can't buy the cannon, but there are other goodies for you

Traer Historical Museum
    514 2nd Street
    Traer, IA  50675

NEWSPAPER     Subscriptions make great gifts for anyone 
Traer Star Clipper
    625 2nd Street
    Traer, IA  50675

OPTOMITRISTS - EYE CARE/GLASSES     A new look with new glasses

Wolfe Eye Clinic - Family Vision Center
    524 2nd Street
    Traer, IA  50675

PHOTOGRAPHER     A family photo for grandma and grandpa??

MoCo Creative Services
    2650 170th Street
    Traer, IA  50675

PURSES     You can never have too many purses!

A Wild Hair
    408 1/2 2nd Street
     Traer, IA  50675

Linda O Designs
    501 1st Street
    Traer, IA  50675

Simply Blooming
    518 2nd Street
    Traer, IA  50675


QUILTING     Something for the new baby, a wedding heirloom

Iowa Star Quilts
    507 9th Street
    Traer, IA  50675

Linda O Designs
    501 1st Street
    Traer, IA  50675

Salt Creek Quilt Company     The alpaca wool is here!
    604 West Street
    Traer, IA  50675

THEATER - MOVIES     Cheap movie posters and even cheap movie tickets!!

Traer Theatre, Inc.
    516 2nd Street
    Traer, IA  50675

TIRE DEALERS     Make sure she has new tires before she goes off to college

AWE Auto Service and Alignment
    1001 2nd Street
    Traer, IA  50675    

Wendt Tire Service Center
    1788 Hwy 63 South
    Traer, IA  50675

WINERY     Drink it yourself, ship it to friends, just enjoy it    

Fox Ridge Winery
    1465 L Avenue
    Traer, IA 50675-9366