Traer's many attractions bring visitors from far and wide to our community.

Perhaps the most famous attraction is the Winding Stairs.  One of the most photographed places in town, it's located in the main business district of 2nd Street.

Taylor Park, in the center of town, with it's swimming pool, beautiful gazebo, and holiday light display attracts people year round.  Other area parks, including the Wilson Nature Preserve, offer the peaceful serenity of the outdoors.  

The recently restored Traer Theatre in historic downtown has become a favorite for movie-goers.  For only $3.00 a movie, you can't beat the price!

Traer's Historical Museum is a treasure-trove of memorabilia including a real civil war cannon, the popular "Tama Jim" Wilson display and replicas of historic rooms.

The refurbished Carnegie library anchors the historic downtown area of Traer and attracts readers of fact and fiction and listeners of both story hour and concerts on a grand piano.  

The most recent attraction to the area is the Fox Ridge Winery located on the rolling hills just northwest of Traer.  Relaxing, listening to music, drinking local wine....what more could you want!

Traer is one of only five cities in Iowa to own their a wind turbine.  It's "green" and saves residents some green on future utility bills, it surely slows traffic for miles around as people crane their necks to see the top of it.


The thousands of salt and pepper shakers at the Traer Shaker Gallery are  polished and on the shelves. Already noted as the Midwest's largest collection, it could very well be the world's largest collection of shakers soon.  See this amazing collection on downtown Second Street.