Having faith in Traer truly is more than just a commitment to a particular church, it's a commitment to our entire community.  Church members gather not only to prayer, but to help with the needs of our town and its residents....


Ripley United Church of Christ
    400 South Main Street
    Traer, IA  50675    

St. Luke Evangelical Lutheran Church
    207 Taylor Street
    Traer, IA  56075

St. Paul Catholic Church
    1102 Walnut Street
    Traer, IA  50675


United Methodist Church
    512 4th Street
    Traer, IA  50675

United Presbyterian Church
    307 Walnut Street
    Traer, IA  50675


North Tama BASIC (Brothers and Sisters in Christ)   
    P.O. Box 223
    Traer, IA  50675

    North Tama BASIC is a non-denominational, community-supported ministry which serves the Northern Tama County area. BASIC seeks to share the message of Jesus Christ with Jr. High and High School students. It offers them the chance to explore their faith in a fun, relaxed atmosphere, where they can spend time with their friends, enjoy games and music, and learn about God's plan for their life.