From preschool through high school graduation, students at North Tama County Community Schools will receive a quality education that prepares them for an ever-changing future. With full community support, not only do our students excel in academic competitions, but they've broken records in various sports as well.  Our young men and women are also involved in other character building activities including, FCCLA, Chorus, National  Honor Society, plays/musicals, FFA, Talented And Gifted program, student government and so much more.   

The North Tama School District envisions a school where all students will achieve a degree of academic success which will equip and empower them to adapt to our rapidly changing society. We envision a transformed school organization characterized by new program designs and delivery systems that are founded on three basic elements: active student participation; meeting the needs of all students; and collaboration among students, parents, the school, and the community.

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